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Banque Populaire gives center stage to sustainable development at the Paris International Agricultural Show

For half a century, the Paris International Agricultural Show has brought together every year all the players in the world of farming and has become a benchmark event of its kind, not only in France but also around the world.

Through its presence at the Agricultural Show, Banque Populaire is further reasserting its commitment to stakeholders in the farming industry. From February 27 to March 6, 2016, sustainable development and the promotion of another form of more responsible agriculture were given pride of place on the Banque Populaire stand. Farming customers enabled the public to discover their products or activities: sustainable viticulture, organic production, the sorting of agricultural waste, social integration, etc.
Throughout the week, agricultural market representatives from the Banque Populaire banks – Alpes, Atlantique, Ouest, Rives de Paris, Val de France, Massif Central, and Bred in addition to the Sustainable Development Department of BPCE SA – took turns to answer visitors' questions.  

The Banque Populaire banks in support of farmers

The Banque Populaire is a pioneer in responsible finance and, more particularly, an early adopter of what is known as “green” finance since 1990. It mobilized its strengths very early on to support the development of its customers' eco-behaviors and to enable them to give concrete expression to their ecological commitments. 

The Banque Populaire banks have been involved with farmers for 26 years. Today, 22% of French farms are customers of Banque Populaire banks.

The Banque Populaire banks offer advice on tax and social optimization for farms with simulation tools integrating precautionary savings, employee savings and retirement solutions, as well as a full range of loans, including subsidized loans, enabling – in particular – young farmers begin their farming activities. 

Banque Populaire has also created Directetproche – a set of digital solutions – to make it easier for its farmer customers to create virtual showcases or e-shops online, giving all producers (winegrowers, producers of local products) greater visibility on the Internet with the support of web professionals.

Thanks to its strong regional presence, the Banque Populaire banks have also forged numerous partnerships with organizations representing farmers and stockbreeders.


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