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89C3: Groupe BPCE’s new digital ecosystem

89C3, an organization dedicated to implementing Groupe BPCE's digital action plan: User experience, Data, Open innovation, Digital transformation, Start-up, FinTechs, etc.

Why 89C3?

89C3 is the translation of BPCE into Leet Speak, an alphanumeric writing system derived from geek culture. This title reflects the desire to make a culture previously reserved for insiders accessible to all... In this way, switching from 89C3 to BPCE (and vice versa) means taking a coded message and making it readable and accessible to all.

A group-wide digital organization

The implementation of the digital action plan is supported by a dedicated organization, which will ultimately mobilize more than 1,000 employees. The 89C3 Factory will bring together, on different sites, the full range of the Group's IT skills in digital development, from design to product industrialization. Six to seven digital acceleration centers, the “89C3 Centers,” will be opened in France and abroad, in order to focus the coordination and production capacities of our different companies in the same place. Lastly, this organization remains open to the external digital ecosystem (FinTechs, InsurTechs, GAFAs) in order to place the Group at the very heart of innovation in this field.

A dedicated website,

The aim of this website is to share information about the Group's digital acceleration. It enables interested parties to follow, month after month, the projects, people involved and key milestones of activities. It is also a space to share the experiences of employees, customers, and partners and to provide insights into the evolution of the digital environment.

An Open Data platform open to all

Groupe BPCE is the first commercial bank in France to adopt an open data approach: a transparent approach – allowing structured data to be made available, and freely accessible, with the possibility of using of it – and an open approach designed to welcome an ecosystem of companies and a community of developers with a view to making BPCE the preferred banking group for start-ups. All digital data can be cross-referenced with data from Etalab, the Open Data mission of the French public authorities

The launch of “Start-up PASS”

The “Start-up PASS” solution simplifies the relationship between Groupe BPCE and start-up companies by accelerating the start of the operational phase, respecting the intellectual property of start-ups, and facilitating day-to-day cooperation such as, for example, simplified contracts during the experimental phases, simplified formalities, the electronic signature of agreements, adapted payment schedules, and reduced payment periods. Groupe BPCE already works with more than 500 start-ups. With “Start-up PASS,” it goes further to work even more effectively with the start-up ecosystem. 

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A new milestone: Groupe BPCE’s 1st Digital Networking event

The first edition of Groupe BPCE's Digital Networking conference was staged on Tuesday March 21 in Paris, attracting a public of nearly 300 people in the presence of François Pérol, Chairman of the BPCE Management Board, and Yves Tyrode, Group Chief Digital Officer. During this major first-time event, Groupe BPCE presented its Open innovation approach to an audience comprised of digital technology experts and representatives from the French open innovation ecosystem: start-ups, incubators, accelerators, VCs, CDOs, academics, etc. Groupe BPCE's Digital Task Force, Factory, professionals from the Banque Populaire banks and Caisses d'Epargne dedicated to supporting start-ups were all gathered for this unique opportunity for discussions and exchanges about their feedback, ideas and projects, to imagine, together, the products and services of the bank of the future.

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