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Groupe BPCE: a wide range of solidarity-based solutions

To meet the financing needs of companies and associations pursuing activities of high social and/or environmental utility and to satisfy the growing desire of citizens to know what their money will be used for, Groupe BPCE has set up a wide range of solidarity-based investments.

What offer of solidarity-based savings products?

An offer that reflects the Group's wide diversity: on the savings side, the Banque Populaire CODEVAIR passbook savings accounts finance loans for energy efficiency, while the Crédit Coopératif sharing passbook accounts support associations. On the financial savings side, the offer is supported by SRI solidarity funds* managed by MIROVA and distributed by the Caisses d'Epargne (Ecureuil Bénéfices Emplois)* and by Banque Populaire (Fructi Emplois France)*. MIROVA also manages a solidarity-based fund dedicated to employee savings and distributed by NATIXIS Interépargne. Finally, Ecofi Investissement, a subsidiary of Crédit Coopératif, manages solidarity-based funds designed for its affinity customers.

*(SRI Solidarity Fund: composed of 90% listed SRI securities and up to 10% unlisted assets issued by solidarity-based companies),
*Ecureuil Bénéfices Emplois and Fructi Emplois France are feeders of the Insertion Emplois Dynamique fund.

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