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Observatoire de la petite entreprise FCGA – Banque Populaire

In 2016, small businesses active in trade, crafts and services will continue to grow in a turbulent (to say the least!) political and economic environment...

7 out of 12 sectors have positive business activity rates ranging from +0.1% (Hotels & Restaurants or Healthcare) to +1.5% (Services), whereas they all recorded negative annual averages one year earlier. This underlying trend clearly illustrates the tremendous ability of small businesses to reposition themselves in their markets in times of crisis. 

Construction crafts, the economic engine driving the activities of very small enterprises (VSEs), recovered slightly (-2.1% vs. -2.7% in 2015). With the exception of masonry (-3.3% vs. -1.8%) and plumbing and heating and sanitation (-2.6% vs. -1.5%), all occupations in the sector are relatively improving their sales figures without returning to clear growth. And without any sector ever showing a positive rate....

Food retailing remains, once again this year, the sector with the highest concentration of professions generating a positive turnover. 6 out of 9 have an activity rate above zero. However, in half of the cases, these are activities that are, in fact, in relative decline: wines and spirits (+1.4% against +2.8%), fruit and vegetables (+0.6% against +2.5%), fishmongers/greengrocers (+1.3% after +1.4%). Only dairy/cheese (+1.3% against +0.4%), delicatessens (+0.7% against -0.1%) and cake shops (+0.5% against 0.0%) showed real growth. Bakery and pastry products (-0.5% vs. -1.2%) and general food (-1.3% after -1.5%) have reduced the volume of their losses, while butchery and delicatessen products have seen their revenues fall slightly (-1.5% vs. -1.3%).

7 sectors recorded an increase in turnover
 Services:                                                            +1.5% (compared to -0.4% in 2015)
Car sales and repairs:                                      +0.9% (vs. -2.8% in 2015)
Transport:                                                          +0.8% (against -2.6% in 2015)
Parks and garden companies:                       +0.6% (compared to -1.6% in 2015)
Beauty and cosmetics:                                    +0.6% (compared to -0.4% in 2015)
Coffee shops, hotels and restaurants:        +0.1% (compared to -0.8% in 2015)
Healthcare professions:                                 +0.1% (vs. -1.0% in 2015)
3 relatively improve their performance
Culture and recreation:                                  -0.1% (vs. -2.1% in 2015)
Food retailing:                                                 -0.4% (against -0.8% in 2015)
Building trade:                                                 -2.1% (against -2.7% in 2015)
2 sectors recorded a decline in turnover
Home furnishings:                                          -0.1% (compared to -0.2% in 2015)
Personal goods:                                               -3.8% (compared to -3.4% in 2015)

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