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Groupe BPCE's involvement in social and professional integration

In response to an initiative by the Fédération Bancaire Française (FBF, the French Banking Federation), Groupe BPCE helped draft Banking & Insertion, a document published to coincide with “Employment and Entrepreneurship: commitment in favor of all young people,” an event jointly organized on September 13 by the French Banking Federation, the Agence pour l’Education par le Sport (APELS, Agency for Education through Sport) and the association Les Déterminés (The Resolute).

This document highlights the diversity of the initiatives pursued by the banking industry in general, and those of Groupe BPCE banks in particular, in the area of professional integration. This includes all actions taken in the fields of training, budgetary and financial education, access to employment, and support for new business creation, all of which contribute effectively to professional integration, especially for young people.

Laurent Mignon, Chairman of Groupe BPCE and current President of the FBF, said:

“A society that gives young people an active role to play is a society that believes in its future, and a society that wins. Investing in their integration into employment – and, therefore, into society as a whole – is not only an opportunity that we owe them, but also a strength for our country.”

“No matter how talented we are, when we stand alone, we are nothing compared to the immensity of this challenge. It is high time we set up a national French team for the professional integration of young people".

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