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Promoting the cities and territories of the future

The European Week for Sustainable Development is being organized from May 30 to June 5 around a particularly inspirational theme for the group: “Cities and territories of the future.”

Promoting sustainable development and its challenges by organizing actions in line with the objectives adopted by the United Nations is the aim of the European Sustainable Development Week (ESDW).

The theme adopted for the 2018 edition – “Cities and territories of the future” – addresses a great many of the challenges facing us. This is because the growth in urban populations by 2050 – nearly 6 billion urban dwellers – the city of the future will simultaneously have to develop urban mobility while limiting pollution, optimize water and energy management, design and renovate buildings and neighborhoods... while also ensuring social cohesion.

A week to learn

During this week, many initiatives are being organized throughout Europe and, in particular, in companies sharing their actions and position vis-à-vis these challenges. For its part, Groupe BPCE reaffirmed in its TEC 2020 strategic plan its commitments to a strong regional presence, local contacts, social solidarity and sustainable development.

In order to raise the awareness of all its employees to the challenges related to CSR – corporate social responsibility – various operations have been designed, including a competition with an electric bicycle as a prize, and educational communications related to "the cities and territories of the future.”


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