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The Fitch and R&I agencies confirm Groupe BPCE's A+ rating

Both rating agencies recognize the strength of our Group’s financial profile.

Confirming Groupe BPCE's long-term A+ credit rating (negative outlook), Fitch considers that our Group and its brands enjoy a sufficiently strong financial profile to withstand the shocks associated with the current economic situation. The agency acknowledges the strength of our diversified banking model, our high level of capitalization, and our moderate risk profile. In particular, it emphasizes the ability of our Group to maintain, over the long term, a CET1 ratio well above regulatory requirements and among the highest among European banks (15.6% in June 2020) and anticipates that the Group will maintain this ratio in line with its strategic objectives at the end of 2020.

For its part, the Japanese rating agency R&I confirms Groupe BPCE's A+ rating (stable outlook), also basing its opinion on the financial strength of our Group, a major issuer of yen-denominated securities.

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Fitch Ratings september, 24, 2020 document pdf - 351.6 kB

R&I - September, 25, 2020 document pdf - 155.7 kB

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