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BPCE Financement

50, avenue Pierre Mendès France
75013 Paris

Senior Management

  • Dominique Garnier

    Dominique Garnier


  • Didier Miquel

    Didier Miquel

    Chief Executive Officer


BPCE Financement, a major player in consumer credit (which, until April 1, 2019, operated under the name of Natixis Financement) develops revolving credit solutions for the banks belonging to Groupe BPCE and is responsible for managing personal loans on their behalf.
Thanks to its capacity for innovation, its in-depth understanding of the market, and its multi-channel approach, BPCE Financement justifies its well-earned status as a key player in the consumer credit market.
BPCE Financement accompanies all those who have taken out a revolving credit facility with their Groupe BPCE bank.


2018 figures

600 employees


3rd largest French consumer credit specialist


€12bn in annual financing


92.6% of end customers satisfied with the way their requests were handled in customer relations centers All retail banking networks combined (Banque Populaire and Caisse d’Epargne)



The commitments of BPCE Financement

Equality between women and men

Under French Act No. 2018-15 dated September 5, 2018, for the Freedom to choose one's professional future, companies with the required workforce have drawn up indicators to determine their level of commitment to professional equality between men and women. The ambition of BPCE Financement is reflected in a score of 94 points out of 100 in 2019. This index takes into account five indicators (the gap between men's and women's pay, increases, promotions, the increase upon return from maternity leave, and the distribution of men and women in the ten highest pay levels).