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BRED Banque Populaire

18 quai de la Rapée
75604 Paris Cedex 12

Phone +33 (0) 1 48 98 60 00

Senior Management

  • Isabelle Gratiant


  • Olivier Klein

    Olivier Klein

    Chief Executive Officer


BRED is a cooperative bank boasting 200,000 cooperative shareholders, €5.2 billion in shareholders’ equity, and 6,000 employees, 30% of whom work outside of France and in the French overseas communities. It provides banking services in Île-de-France, Normandy, and the French overseas départements as well as in Southeast Asia, the South Pacific, the Horn of Africa, and Switzerland via its commercial banking subsidiaries.
In its capacity as a retail banking institution committed to its territories, it runs a network of 475 branches, including 75 outside of France.

True to its values and convinced that the future of banking lies in forging close customer relationships and providing advisory services, BRED is constantly striving to provide added value to all its clientele of individual customers, high-net-worth individuals, professionals, institutions or companies of all sizes.
The wealth of its expertise and diversity of its business lines, combined with its retail banking network, trading room and subsidiaries, make it a fully-fledged bank able of offering its customers all the services of a major group, both in France and internationally.

It cultivates long-term relationships with more than 1.3 million customers.

A member of Groupe BPCE, BRED Banque Populaire pursues a wide range of activities: retail banking, corporate & investment banking, private banking, insurance, asset management, private equity, trading room, and international trade finance.

CSR commitment

The expression of BRED’s commitment to responsible development lies in its social practices and in the actions pursued in its territories. It is involved in social integration and social solidarity initiatives and actively supports the world of education and scientific research.

BRED is notably committed to equal opportunities by promoting access to knowledge and employment. In particular, it is a founding member of the Fondation des Ecoles de la 2e chance, the Foundation of 2nd-chance schools that provides tailor-made support to young people who drop out of the school system without obtaining any diplomas or qualifications.

Since 2019, BRED has also been actively supporting the HEC Stand Up program, an initiative providing entrepreneurship training to women with ambitious projects in metropolitan and overseas France.

2020 figures

1.3 million customers


200,000 cooperative shareholders


6,000 employees


475 locations including 75 outside France


Net income



Consolidated Net banking income




Other publications

In brief - 2020 document pdf - 1.2 MB