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Finances & Pédagogie

5 rue Masseran
75007 Paris

Phone +33 (0) 1 58 40 43 68

Senior Management

  • Visuel Pierre Macé

    Pierre Macé


  • Patrice Cros

    Patrice Cros



In 1957, the Caisses d'Epargne created the Finances & Pédagogie association to help teach young people and adults in all sectors of society to manage their finances. Twenty-four correspondents in 15 branches throughout France carry out awareness-building and training initiatives in both face-to-face sessions and distance learning on topics related to money-management: budgeting, savings, credit, over-indebtedness, banking relations, insurance, young people's money, microcredit, etc.
Recognized for its role in promoting financial inclusion, Finances & Pédagogie works in partnership with the major social support networks – the network of community centers for social action (CCAS), the Secours catholique charity, FNARS Federation of social solidarity associations, the French Red Cross, the Restos du Coeur free soup kitchen charity, etc – along with business organizations and public authorities.
Finances & Pédagogie is a member of the national committee for financial education strategy led by the Banque de France. The association is the main private training structure in this area in France (50,000 trainees per year) and is notably approved by the Ministry of National Education as an educational association providing services complementary to the public education system. Since 2019, it has also boasted the ESUS label confirming its status as a socially useful solidarity-based enterprise.

2021 figures

3,319 courses organized


35,387 people received training


28 employees


6.000 aera partners



Présentation de Finances & Pédagogie


Review of operations (Only French)

Brochure de présentation 2019 Finances & Pédagogie