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Fondation Banque Populaire

76-78 avenue de France
75013 Paris

Phone +33 (0) 1 40 39 60 41

Senior Management

  • Michel Roux

    Michel Roux

    General Manager

  • Martine Tremblay

    Martine Tremblay



The Banque Populaire Corporate Foundation: patronage activities nationwide

The Banque Populaire Corporate Foundation was created in 1992 with a view of uniting the Banque Populaire banks around a single patronage project.
The Foundation’s vision is to identify people wanting to develop an original life project with a priority focus on individual talent, creativity and commitment in the following three areas: music, disabilities, and the arts & crafts.
The award winners are selected by three panels of experts recognized for their skills in their respective areas. The Foundation’s work is focused on the long term, providing support for 1 to 3 years, a period long enough to give the award winners the time and resources they need to bring their projects to a successful conclusion.

27 years promoting the entrepreneurial spirit

To date, 839 life projects have been supported throughout France, each one an example of an inspiring story! The Foundation’s award winners are all determined men and women, driven by their enthusiasm and a desire to innovate, by their ambition and the entrepreneurial spirit, sharing values deeply rooted in humanism whether they are musicians, disabled people, or craftspeople.

2018 figures

818 award winners since the Foundation’s creation


€1.48bn annual budget


1 to 3 years of support provided


> €22m budget allocated since the Foundation’s creation



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