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Habitat en Région

31-35 rue de la Fédération
75015 Paris


  • Visuel de Fabrice Gourgeonnet

    Fabrice Gourgeonnet

    Chairman of Habitat en Région Participations

  • visuel de Jérémy Estrader

    Jérémy Estrader

    President of the Habitat en Région economic interest grouping


Created in 2010 on the initiative of the Caisses d'Epargne and Groupe BPCE, Habitat en Région groups together thirty-five social housing management companies within a network spanning all of France. Together, these entities currently manage a stock of 290,000 housing units providing accommodation for nearly 593,000 people. 

Pursuing a mission of general public interest, the Habitat en Région member companies share a strong ambition to “reinvent social housing.” They form a community united around the values of the French Republic and of social cohesion used to guide their strategic orientations: to encourage residents to become stakeholders actively involved in their accommodation and their neighborhood, to enable them to forge links through the pursuit of shared initiatives, to secure their professional or educational career and facilitate their residential experience, to participate in the development of neighborhoods, towns and cities beyond the buildings in which they live. This requires the development of an ambitious corporate culture that makes residents the key focus of all its actions. With the support of an economic interest grouping (GIE) set up to provide the necessary resources, Habitat en Région is responsible for coordinating the actions of this community of companies. 

35 companies


290,000 housing units under management


593,000 people provided accommodation


3,900 employees