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Natixis Interépargne

59 avenue Pierre Mendès France
75013 Paris

Senior Management

  • Tim Ryan

    Tim Ryan


  • Christophe Eglizeau

    Christophe Eglizeau

    Chief Executive Officer


Natixis Interépargne is Groupe BPCE’s benchmark player for employee savings and retirement plans. A pioneer in innovation for more than 50 years, Natixis Interépargne helps companies of all sizes to set up and manage their employee savings & retirement plans and their employee share ownership schemes in order to make these benefits corporate performance drivers. It relies on the financial management skills of Natixis Investment Managers, a specialist in active management for employee savings plans.

2020 figures

More than 67,000 corporate customers Source : Natixis Interépargne (Dec.31,2020)


more than 3 million savers egal to a market share of 26.7% Source: Association Française de Gestion (Dec.31,2020)


Asset under management in employee savings and retirement plans

more than €28 billion i.e. a market share of 19.2% Source: Association Française de Gestion (Dec.31,2020)


A leader in collective retirement savings plans with

€5.2 billion in PERCO/PER assets held in custody, equal to a market share of 24.1% Source: Natixis Interépargne (Dec.31,2020)