Groupe BPCE
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10 boulevard de Grenelle
CS 62305
75740 PARIS CEDEX 15

Phone +33 (0) 1 40 64 58 58


  • Olivier Colonna d'Istria

    Olivier Colonna d'Istria

    Chairman of the Management Board


SOCFIM, a BPCE subsidiary, has been supporting the development of real-estate operators for the past 25 years.
SOCFIM has become the undisputed leader in the ecosystem of real-estate production professionals – property developers, real-estate dealers, planners, investment funds – to whom it offers its unique body of expertise: project financing, corporate financing, external growth or capital structure operations, investment in pooled operations, etc.

SOCFIM’s customers include all entities operating nationwide, virtually all multi-regional operators, residential property developers/managers, innovative operators and a large number of new entrants in this market.
It covers all the different segments of real-estate development: new and existing homes, managed residences, land development, office buildings, business parks, retail premises, logistics, asset portfolios, etc.

In 2019, SOCFIM is rolling out a new division designed to serve the long-term financing needs of real-estate investors.
The company’s services are provided by a team of specialists based in Paris who benefit from the local and regional expertise of the Caisses d'Epargne and Banque Populaire banks.

2018 figures

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