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Commitments to
our customers and territories

In our capacity as the 2nd largest provider of financing for the French economy, we contribute to the economic and social development of regional ecosystems. We actively embrace this mission as a commitment to our 30 million customers and 9 million cooperative shareholders.

Clients et territoires

We are attentive to our customers

Thanks to a long-term, high-quality customer relationship

Our teams are attentive to our customers' needs in order to meet their expectations in terms of accessibility, responsiveness, and quality of service.

  • A high Net Promoter Score (NPS):
    • greater than 50 after interaction with our customer advisors.
    • greater than 40 for interactions via our brands' mobile or Internet applications.

We also ensure that we provide precise responses to dissatisfaction expressed through a complaints system available in all Group entities.

  • 60% of complaints processed within 10 days or less (compared to an average processing time in 2017 of 16 days in the banking sector).

By guaranteeing a high level of protection   

We ensure the protection of our customers' data through our Group Information Systems Security Policy (PSSI-G), and work in parallel to combat cybercrime. 

By taking steps to enhance financial inclusion

We aim to provide access to banking services for all. As a result, we create the conditions for more inclusive finance through various measures: actions in favor of customers faced with financial fragility or disability, the promotion of personal or professional microcredit solutions, etc. 

  • No.1 bank for protected persons,
  • No.1 operator for microloans accompanied by support measures in France.

We act in favor of a more socially responsible economy

By promoting solidarity-based investments

We satisfy the expectations of our customers who want to lay a greater focus on the impact of their investment decisions. As such, we offer them a comprehensive range of savings and investment solutions contributing to projects of significant social, solidarity or environmental benefit.

  • No.1 collector and manager of solidarity-based savings in France according to the Finansol 2018 Barometer,
  • 38% of solidarity-based savings outstanding under financial management in 2017 (equal to outstandings of €4.4 billion)
  • Groupe BPCE is a long-standing leader in socially responsible investment (SRI)
  • TEC 2020 target: increase by 50% our responsible savings outstandings.

With our customers in their energy transition projects

In order to encourage individual and collective initiatives, we have adopted several measures to identify and manage risks related to climate change and the energy transition. 
As a result, the Home offer of the BPCE Assurances range includes the coverage of equipment such as domestic wind turbines, solar panels or water heaters, storage batteries, etc. Policyholders also receive support to help them achieve energy savings.

In addition, we make ESG (environmental, social and corporate governance) criteria an integral part of our sector risk policies to support the energy transition. This is in addition to the inclusion in the Group's credit risk policy of a section dedicated to climate risk and the strengthening of the principle relating to CSR.

We contribute to the dynamism of the local and regional economy  

By financing socially responsible initiatives taken at a local and regional level

In our capacity as regional cooperative banks, the Banque Populaire banks and Caisses d'Epargne remain as close as possible to the needs of the local economy. They channel savings collected at a local and regional level towards the financing of local projects, allowing decisions to be taken as close as possible to where the needs are expressed, based on a detailed knowledge of the territories, their potential and their weaknesses. In this way, the savings deposited by customers on their passbook savings accounts and deposit accounts are used to promote regional development, similar to a short money circuit. Aware of the growing expectations of customers in terms of transparency and traceability, Groupe BPCE is working to better identify the impacts of these savings. 

  • No.1 bank for SMEs,
  • No.1 provider of financing for the social economy,
  • No.2 private banker for social housing
  • Major partner of the public sector

Through the circulation and sharing of good practices

87% of our suppliers are SMEs. In this way, we are helping to promote greater social and environmental responsibility in the heart of the regions through a rigorous purchasing policy that includes our CSR criteria. 

  • TEC 2020 objective: to increase the number of Group companies awarded Responsible Supplier Relations and Procurement certification from 7 to 14

Find further details of our commitments in favor of our customers and regions in the Registration Document