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Commitments to
our employees

Our 105,000 employees constitute the strength, and ensure the performance, of our Group, which is a service company. We are actively mobilized in their favor to guarantee them real equality of opportunity, optimal working conditions, and a calm and stimulating environment in which to enjoy personal growth throughout their careers.


We offer equal opportunities to everyone, in all their diversity

True to our cooperative values, we are a banking institution that is open and accessible to all. As one of France's leading recruiters, we are committed to ensuring fair treatment for all our employees – regardless of their age, origin and gender – and to creating a work environment that respects everyone's differences.

Since 2015, a Diversity Manager has been working within the Group Human Resources Department to intensify actions in four priority areas: intergenerational management, gender equality in the workplace, employment for people with disabilities, and equal opportunities.

Under French Act No. 2018-15 dated September 5, 2018, for the Freedom to choose one's professional future, companies with the required workforce have drawn up indicators to determine their level of commitment to professional equality between men and women. The ambition of the Group as a whole and its principal companies in this area is reflected in a score of 83 points out of 100 in 2018. This index takes into account five indicators relating to equal pay (the gap between men's and women's pay, increases, promotions, the increase upon return from maternity leave, and the distribution of men and women in the ten highest pay levels).

  • 42.3% of managers are women
  • 32 Group companies obtained diversity certification in 2017

We support the professional development of our employees

The Group Occupation and Skills Forecasting (GPEC) agreement reflects our desire to anticipate changes in our business lines. It gives each employee the opportunity to plan and realize their professional growth. 

The training plans reflect our desire to secure our employees’ professional careers by maintaining the employability of all. These plans make it possible to support the transformation of skills (particularly digital skills), respond adequately to growing regulatory changes, maintain employee expertise, prepare for professional mobility, cultivate the strength of our cooperative model, and support customer satisfaction. 

This support for employees throughout their careers represents a key aspect of our commitment in this area. 

  • 10 million hours of training over the duration of the TEC 2020 plan.

We offer a calm and secure working environment 

With our better Quality of Life in the Workplace (QWL) approach, we make our companies more attractive to potential candidates, improve the commitment, professional motivation and loyalty of all employees, while reducing stress in the workplace and absenteeism.

The Group Human Resources Department constantly shares best practices with all our companies – and, more particularly, with their “QWL coordinators” – to improve the quality of life at work for employees. 

  • 70% of employees recommend the Group as an employer (2020 target)

Within the Group, the policies and associated budgets relating to health and safety conditions are the responsibility of each of the companies and of the CHSCT committees set up with employee representatives. All the Group's companies have set up systems to deal with psychosocial risks. 

In addition, just as we do for our customers, we guarantee the secure management of our employees’ data.

Find further details regarding our commitments to our employees in the Registration Document