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Our CSR approach: our commitments,
our difference

For Groupe BPCE, its commitment to society and the environment forms an integral part of its business activities and decision-making processes. Its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) approach is central to the long-term relationships forged between the group and all its different stakeholders.


Groupe BPCE pursues its activities in line with its cooperative and entrepreneurial business model boasting a wealth of well-known brands: Banque Populaire, Caisse d'Epargne, Natixis Investment Managers, Natixis Corporate & Investment Banking, Banque Palatine, Oney, etc.

Both in regional France and in our international markets, we meet the expectations of our customers and, beyond them, the challenges facing society at large… because our activities, our size, our influence, and our cooperative values bring us responsibilities and give us the resources we need to act. We are involved in all areas of CSR: the ecological transition, new business creation, the promotion of banking inclusion, healthcare, quality of service, education, economic and social integration, commitment to our employees, etc.

What makes us different? Our activities take a long-term perspective while using short supply chains. This is how we confidently and efficiently combine a focus on both present and future needs.

The pursuit of our business activities gives us both the power and the responsibility to act in all areas of CSR. Thanks to our business model of a cooperative and entrepreneurial bank, founded on a strong local presence and trust, we are deeply attuned to our society’s aspirations that we have placed at the very heart of our 2021-2024 strategic plan.
Laurent Mignon, — Chairman of the Management Board, Groupe BPCE (from 2018 to 2022)

Responsible behavior

By adopting an open and transparent dialogue with all of the group's stakeholders, we lay the foundations for robust, long-lasting trust: customers, cooperative shareholders, employees, institutional and financial partners, representative federations, professional trade unions, regional economic players, rating agencies, investors, etc.

Our group has drawn up a code of conduct and ethical standards defining behavior to protect the interests of our customers and ensure employer responsibility and social responsibility.

To learn more about our actions and commitments to control legal, regulatory, and ethical risks, click here to visit our Compliance page

Structured management

Our CSR commitment is extended to all our business lines and in all the facets of our activities. Our approach is managed at several levels:

  • A Corporate CSR Department, responsible for overseeing the definition and implementation of the group's strategic ambitions in terms of the environmental transition. In other areas of CSR, the Department unifies and coordinates the group's ambitions and the implementation of these ambitions and it is supported, in particular, by CSR correspondents and experts appointed in each group company.
  • The respective national federations of our retail banking networks – the Fédération Nationale des Banques Populaires and the Fédération Nationale des Caisses d'Epargne – contribute to this process by coordinating the CSR policies of their respective networks.

Our Climate Report (TCFD)

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