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BPCE L’Observatoire focuses on the viticulture industry

BPCE L'Observatoire

With its members more upbeat about future trends in the economic outlook than the farming community as a whole, the wine-growing sector was recently the subject of a focus study carried out by BPCE l'Observatoire.


At the beginning of June, Groupe BPCE economists published their first-ever study on agriculture to highlight “the challenges of a changing market.”

Feeling it our duty to celebrate the week marked, in particular, by the release of the young Beaujolais Nouveau wine*, we take a new look at the socioeconomic trends more specifically related to the wine-growing sector. 
This study reveals that wine-growers seem more upbeat about their future than members of the farming community as a whole; nearly three-quarters of them are planning to invest over the next two years. Another interesting fact to emerge from this research: viticulture is a branch that is currently being transformed through direct sales, the larger number of women working in this sector, and the development of an agro-ecological approach. These trends could nevertheless be impacted by the ageing of the population, just like in other business sectors in France.

Groupe BPCE is a long-standing player in the farming industry: Banque Populaire now helps 1 out of every 5 farmers to meet the challenges posed, notably, by digital technology and green growth, and viticulture has been identified as a priority development area for the Caisse d'Epargne in the professional market.

*To be consumed in moderation.

Infographie du secteur Viticulture (only in French)