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Mcom Moto, the tale of a successful SME transfer

BPCE L'Observatoire

Since 2011, BPCE L'Observatoire has been studying business transfers in France. One of the preconceived ideas that our research has repeatedly refuted is that the majority of business transfers take place when the head of the company retires. This misperception is particularly well illustrated by the story of David Tacconi, a “young” 47-year-old entrepreneur who recently sold his company.

Selling the company to keep it forging ahead 

In 2001, in the Nord département of France, David Tacconi created Mcom Moto, a company specializing in motorcycle equipment. Seventeen years later, Mcom Moto boasted more than 30 employees and a turnover of around 10 million euros. After two years thinking about it, David decided to sell his company. Indeed, the former director felt that he had taken the development of his company as far as he was personally able creating, as he put it himself, “the largest of the minnows or the smallest of the whales.” Even though it was a difficult decision (because he hadn’t developed another personal project), with the support of Banque Populaire he sold Mcom Moto to Motoblouz, the market’s No.1 player for web-based sales.

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75% of company transfers occur before their founders have reached the age of 60, and the frequency of these transactions increases with the size of the company: around 4.6% of SMEs employing between 10 and 49 people are transferred every year. In reality, therefore, it is more the size of the company than the proprietor’s age that determines the transfer rate. 

Moreover, while older proprietors generally adopt a financial strategy of equity consolidation, debt reduction and (ultimately) underinvestment – frequently triggering a decline in their company's growth – transfers represent a way to revitalize the business and generate new momentum.

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A win-win situation for all parties

Twelve months after the sale, David Tacconi is convinced that he made the right decision: Mcom Moto's vital statistics are all in the double digits and his former employees are continuing to work in a highly favorable environment. But, in David’s opinion, this operation was chiefly a success thanks to the quality of Banque Populaire's support and advice. Ultimately, selling a company is one thing, but knowing that you have sold the company to which you gave 17 years of your life to the “right people” is, for David Tacconi, a source of immense satisfaction!

---------- Background details provided by BPCE L’Observatoire

The rate of business transfers in the retail and wholesale sectors has changed little since 2014. This business area is characterized by a persistently low company disappearance rate compared to other sectors. Moreover, the Nord department is in the median range of French départements with a transfer rate of 5% to 5.5%. Lastly, the surveys conducted by BPCE L'Observatoire show that finding the right buyer is the main issue raised by entrepreneurs wanting to sell their companies, well before obtaining the highest sale price, for example.

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