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Accessibility policy

Digital accessibility consists in allowing all Internet users, including senior citizens and people with disabilities, to use computers and their software, and to consult or create digital resources, on any type of media. 

BPCE undertakes to make its website accessible in accordance with Article 47 of French Law no. 2005-102 dated February 11, 2005.

To this end, we commissioned a digital accessibility audit of our site with a view to identifying the points needing to be corrected and optimized in order to improve the experience of people with disabilities. This audit was carried out in September 2019 and modifications are currently being developed. The accessibility statement, taking account of the corrections being made, will be published on this page at the end of February 2021.

The strategy for taking account of accessibility issues and any future compliance work will also be specified in a multi-year plan and in annual action plans that will also be made available on this page.