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Banque Populaire

The Banque Populaire banks have always been the partners of people who have the audacity to undertake, of people who forge ahead, who embrace the entrepreneurial spirit in the unshakable conviction that success is within everybody’s grasp, provided they give themselves the necessary means. For this reason, the Banque Populaire advisors do their utmost to accompany, support, and bring to fruition their customers’ projects, whether large or small, personal or professional: “Success lies in your hands!”

Banque Populaire : la réussite est en vous
Banque Populaire - La réussite est en vous

The Banque Populaire banks, thanks to their strong local presence, their cooperative business model and the fact they are 100%-owned by their cooperative shareholders, play a major role in the economic and social life of the French regions in all the areas of banking and insurance.

1878: Creation of the first Banque Populaire bank in Angers by entrepreneurs who decided to pool funds to allow them to finance their projects themselves.

Individual customers: digital banking and physical network

Thanks to their close personal relationships, a short decision-making process, and a greater digitalization of their product and service offerings, the Banque Populaire banks provide their individual customers and their families with a comprehensive range of banking and insurance services that are also available online. Building on their extensive expertise in financial engineering and wealth management, the Private Banking advisors provide a wide range of dedicated products for high-net-worth customers. CASDEN Banque Populaire, for its part, caters specifically to the needs of French public employees.

In 2023, Banque Populaire came in 3rd place in the Corbeille d'Or award for retail banking networks organized by the monthly Mieux Vivre Votre Argent magazine. This award recognizes Banque Populaire's expertise in financial savings and the quality and diversity of its range of solutions for all its customers.

Banque Populaire, 3e place de la Corbeille d’Or Réseaux 2021 de Mieux Vivre Votre Argent

Professionals: supporting the desire to undertake

Working closely with small retailers, craftsmen, farmers, self-employed professionals and franchise holders, the Banque Populaire banks give them their support in their day-to-day activities and in the development of their businesses.

Companies and institutionals: the No.1 bank for SMEs

The Banque Populaire banks are deeply attached to the principle of free enterprise, the source of new value creation and new jobs. The No.1 bank for small- to medium-sized enterprises in France, the Banque Populaire banks provide their business customers with the resources they need to set up their companies, to grow and ensure the long-term development of their activities. Service offerings and experts specializing in innovation, international expansion, and acquisition-driven growth enable them to support all the projects pursued by their corporate customers.

Catalysts of corporate-citizenship initiatives: close to the solidarity-based economy

By redistributing a part of their earnings in the form of commitments to corporate-citizenship initiatives, the Banque Populaire banks actively support local activities and have been distributing a range of sustainable or socially-supportive products for more than 20 years. Crédit Coopératif, one of the 14 Banque Populaire banks, is the go-to bank for the social and solidarity-based economy and for socially committed citizens.


Questions for André Joffre, Chairman of the National Federation of the Banque Populaire banks (FNBP)

The Fédération Nationale des Banques Populaires (National Federation of the Banque Populaire banks) is the institution that provides deliberation, communication and representation for the Banque Populaire banks and their cooperative shareholders.

2023 figures


14 Banque Populaire banks The Banque Populaire network comprises 12 Banque Populaire banks and 2 affinity-based national banking institutions: CASDEN Banque Populaire and Crédit Coopératif.


5.2 million cooperative shareholders


9.7 million customers


No.1 bank for SMEs and franchise-holders


No.2 bank of craftsmen and small retailers


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