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CASDEN Banque Populaire
The cooperative bank for public sector employees

As a cooperative bank for public sector employees and a social economy company, CASDEN Banque Populaire helps its cooperative shareholders realize their projects and offers a comprehensive range of savings products, loans and guarantees under the best terms.

1 bis, rue Jean Wiener
77420 Champs-sur-Marne

Phone +33 (0) 1 64 80 70 00


Built on an alternative and affinity model, CASDEN Banque Populaire upholds the values of cooperation and solidarity, and shares the sense of public service with its cooperative shareholders.

In addition to its profession of banker, CASDEN Banque Populaire engages strongly with society: it is particularly active in the fields of education, research, culture, sport, sustainable development and the social economy. CASDEN Banque Populaire also maintains close ties with many organizations representing the public sector. A way to support cooperative shareholders in their work and remain at their sides on a day-to-day basis...  

CASDEN Banque Populaire was founded in 1951 for public sector staff working in the fields of education, research and culture. Since December 2015, it has been the cooperative bank for public sector employees. Now counting close to 1.8 million cooperative shareholders, it aims to become the reference bank for public sector employees, by responding closely to the expectations and needs of its members. 

1951 : Creation of the Caisse de Prêts de l'Education Nationale de Seine et Oise in the form of an association set up by, and for, teachers. One of its goals is to support all teachers by helping them with essential expenses related to setting up home for their families or educating their children.

In 1957 it became CASDEN Banque Populaire.


  • Claude Jechoux

    Claude Jechoux


  • Sylvie Garcelon

    Sylvie Garcelon

    Chief Executive Officer

“CASDEN Banque Populaire’s vision is to attract the the largest number of public sector employees through an advantageous offering that stands out from the crowd, all driven by a different banking model. CASDEN Banque Populaire is a social economy company underpinned by the values of the French republic and the concept of solidarity. True to the aims of the social economy, we provide a collective and constructive reponse to contemporary issues in society. It’s our job to spread word of this model and expand it further, by continuing to modernize!”
Claude Jechoux — Chairman

2019 figures

1,9 cooperative shareholders


585 employees


€174m net banking income


€45.6m net income


110 branches


Savings, deposits and loans - The equitable bank

CASDEN Banque Populaire offers its cooperative shareholders a novel banking approach through its CASDEN 1,2,3 program: their savings earn CASDEN Banque Populaire Points that are then used to reduce their borrowing rates. The scale of loans (auto, consumer, real estate, etc.) to CASDEN Banque Populaire Points is the same for all, and depends on the individual’s savings effort and contribution to the cooperative. The more the cooperative shareholder saves, the lower his borrowing rate. 

Banking services – The strength of a local retail banking network

Working with the Banques Populaires in the different regions, CASDEN offers its cooperative shareholders a comprehensive local banking service geared to their needs. By becoming both cooperative shareholders and Banque Populaire customers, they can conduct all their banking operations at the same branch and access both banks’ full range of solutions. CASDEN Banque Populaire’s “network of militants” - active and engaged cooperative shareholders - reinforces this proximity and the cooperative mindset that fuels it.