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Crédit Coopératif

Crédit Coopératif is distinguished by more than 125 years of experience in cooperative banking and the pursuit of a single vocation: to foster the development of a real economy generating greater social and environmental value.

12 bd Pesaro
92000 Nanterre

Phone + 33 (1) 47 24 85 00

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Senior Management

  • Jérôme Saddier

    Jérôme Saddier


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    Pascal Pouyet

    Chief Executive Officer

A socially committed cooperative bank… and proud of it!

Crédit Coopératif, a bank enjoying benchmark status for entities in the social and solidarity-based economy, for enterprises in the ‘real’ economy, and for citizens sharing the same humanist vision of the world and society, stands committed with its customers/cooperative shareholders to building an economic environment that is more equitable, more solidarity-based, more locally present, and more respectful of the natural environment.
Driven by its pioneering and trailblazing spirit, Crédit Coopératif stands for patient, transparent and socially-committed finance that gives its customers the power to act individually and collectively in favor of social housing, the dissemination of culture, the promotion of education and research, social integration, the consideration of disabilities, international solidarity, renewable energy sources, cooperative businesses, etc. 
As a player in the real economy, the bank pays 99% of its taxes in France. Its ethical code means that it rejects the use of tax havens. Crédit Coopératif excludes certain industrial sectors from its financing – such as fossil fuels or the arms industry – which are in opposition to its corporate purpose. Yes, it’s perfectly possible to do banking in another way!

More than 130 years of cooperation in favor of the cooperative movement and its customers.

The bank belongs to its customers/cooperative shareholders.

1 person = 1 vote

The vote of each cooperative shareholder has the same value, irrespective of the number of shares he or she may own.


Crédit Coopératif is the bank for those who have decided to take a different approach to business development, to develop another type of economy and build another future.

For its customers/citizens

Thanks to the innovative products designed by Crédit Coopératif, our customers/citizens can take control of how their money is used by supporting projects developed by individuals and entities working to develop a more equitable and greener world. By holding income-sharing products, (generating donations to associations), products traced to specific sectors, or ‘products of influence,’ the bank’s individual or corporate customers become actively involved in a more socially committed type of finance.

For the social and institutional economy

Crédit Coopératif’s active involvement in the voluntary sector (associations), public interest bodies, and players active in the fields of culture, social & professional insertion, education, trade unions, the local & regional economy, etc. derives from the realization that these sectors represent a major reserve of creative energy capable of bringing about social and environmental transformation, a veritable economic force turned towards the future. Helping these entities to develop their activities, encouraging their dynamism, supporting their transformation is the role that Crédit Coopératif has given itself: to promote finance that is beneficial to all.

For companies active in the real economy

When you are convinced that the cooperative model can transform the life of a whole region, when you understand how much small and medium-sized businesses contribute to GNP growth, when you realize that the development of organic food, fair trade, and renewable energy are vital opportunities… it means that you belong to the community of men and women who have decided to adopt a different approach to business, along with Crédit Coopératif: for a different kind of economy, and for a different future.

For protected adults and their legal representatives

Committed to a kind of finance that leaves no one behind, Crédit Coopératif is actively committed to the fight against exclusion, notably in favor of those who support the most vulnerable members of our society. In the case of customers under legal guardianship, the drive to promote banking inclusion finds expression in a specific offer from Crédit Coopératif for protected individuals and active collaboration with guardians’ associations and legal representatives for the protection of adults.

Where does money come from? Where does money go?  

Since Crédit Coopératif’s vocation is to use the money entrusted to it to oil the wheels of the real economy, its balance sheet is chiefly comprised of customer assets & liabilities. As a result, more than two thirds of its loans are granted to players in the social & solidarity-based economy.

Discover where the money used by Crédit Coopératif comes from and where it goes...

2022 figures

Leader in socially committed finance: traced products, income-sharing products, and ‘products of influence’ including 2 solidarity-based products awarded the Finansol label


€3.2 m in adonations to 42 associations thanks to income-sharing products


1,901 employees


423,000 customers (legal entities and individuals)




Being a premium partner of the Paralympic Games Paris 2024 means endeavoring to create a more equitable society through the support of social and professional inclusion. These missions have always formed part of Crédit Coopératif's DNA and should result in changed practices for 2024 and beyond.
By enabling entities active in the social and solidarity-based economy to team up and win public contracts, Crédit Coopératif is helping to build a new business model for more inclusive, sustainable, and socially supportive Olympic & Paralympic Games.
Participating in the success of Paris 2024 as a premium partner is a mission perfectly aligned with the preferences of Crédit Coopératif: encouraging superhuman-sized achievement at the service of a human-sized vision, constantly broadening the scope of possibilities accessible to everyone, in favor of everyone.