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Oney, a French bank with an international dimension founded in 1983, boasts expertise in payment solutions and innovative financial services.

34 avenue de Flandre
59170 Croix

Phone +33 (0) 9 69 32 86 86

Its dual culture as a banker/retailer means that it's a different kind of bank, supporting the daily lives of eight million customers by offering simple, secure, and innovative in-store and online shopping experiences that make it an active player in the development of new consumption patterns.

A subsidiary of Groupe BPCE (50.1%) and Auchan Holding (49.9%),

Present in 12 European countries, Oney is an expert in payment, financing, digital identification, and insurance solutions. 

We are both bankers and retailers; we build on our distinctive market positioning and expertise developed over more than 35 years to design innovative payment solutions and financial services for retailers and their customers.

Senior management

  • Yves Tyrode

    Yves Tyrode


  • CHARLES-Jean-Pierre-Oney.png

    Jean-Pierre Charles

    Chief Executive Officer (interim)

2022 figures

7.8 million individual customers


4,400 retail and e-merchant partners


2,600 employees worldwide




Oney is now the leading provider of 3 or 4-times split payment solutions for online or in-store shopping in France and three other European countries, providing these services to the customers of more than 1,700 retailers and e-merchants in a total of seven European countries.

Specialist in fraud detection and digital identification

Working through its subsidiary Oneytrust, Oney is also a leading player in fraud detection and digital identification and is rolling out its solutions in this area throughout Europe.

40 years of experience as a co-branded card issuer

Nearly 7 million private label and bank cardholders in Europe enjoy access to cash and multi-payment facilities in stores, directly at the checkout, or for online shopping.

A company committed to a CSR policy that forms an integral part of its business growth model

To meet the social and environmental challenges of today and the future, Oney is committed to building a more equitable, more compassionate, and more sustainable world. Oney has undertaken to pursue three key objectives:

To encourage more sustainable consumption,

  • To encourage more sustainable consumption,
  • To reduce our carbon footprint in order to meet our COP21 commitments,
  • To ensure the employability of Oney's Talents both within and outside the company to enable each individual to trace their own career path.