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Sports coaches for the2024 generation

Who can talk to us about athletes and, in particular, the generation of sportsmen and women who will be representing France in 2024 better than the coaches and instructors themselves? We offer them an opportunity to share their testimonies with us…

Votre Coach by Groupe BPCE

From the shadows to the limelight

Since 2014 – and, notably, to highlight our partnership with the Olympic movement and reflect the multi-faceted commitment of our companies to sport – we have been following major sports coaches in their daily lives.
Who are they? Committed men and women, frequently working in the shadows, offering rich and constructive analyzes, who tell us about their successes, their difficulties, their values, their methods, and the relationships they forge with their athletes in order to lead them to victory.
These personal accounts go well beyond the merely "sport" aspect to become wider sources of reflection of universal interest in terms of management, education or, quite simply, human relations.

This is the wealth of what we share in our Votre Coach by Groupe BPCE series.

Leading coaches and trainers share their experience with us

Calling on third-party experts with Stéphanie Deanaz in the triathlon competition

Stéphanie Deanaz, the national triathlon coach, often calls on a panel of specialized experts to improve her perception of how well the French women's triathlon team is training.

Watch a video of how she teaches her athletes to improve their understanding of their own bodies.

How can sport change lives? With Alan Luis Duarte, boxing coach in Rio

Since 2016, Votre Coach by Groupe BPCE has been working with Alan Luis Duarte, the coach and founder of the “Abraço Campeão” sports and socio-educational project in the heart of one of Rio's largest favelas.

Discover the video relating the stories of three young people taking part in the project.

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