Groupe BPCE
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A single ambition,

With Paris 2024, we have the opportunity to be part of a unique adventure that will bring us together – along with our customers and cooperative shareholders – around a shared ambition: to offer France the thrill of exceptional Olympic and Paralympics Games shared by everyone, everywhere.

Groupe BPCE, Partenaire Premium de Paris 2024

Development, Commitment, Heritage: three key words for Paris 2024 that give meaning to our partnership and permeate all the different dimensions of our involvement.

The Group's employees, both in their professional activities and in their regions, will be able to contribute to the success of a multi-faceted project that goes beyond the mere celebration of sporting excellence. We will be actively involved and serve as ambassadors to all our different stakeholders.

 For the Group, our challenges will be:

  • To leverage our expertise by innovating in payment solutions, banking services... to help create the Olympic and Paralympics Games of the future.
  • To be involved in the construction of Olympic venues by participating in the host territories' effort to finance the creation of amenities, transport systems and logistics at the host sites.
  • To give expression to our regional specificities to enable each Group company to position itself according to its location, actions and commitments.
  • To promote our companies by enhancing the visibility of our brands.
  • To increase our attractiveness by further embodying our HR policies related to gender diversity, disability, recruitment, etc
  • To promote our companies by enhancing the visibility of our brands and emphasizing our commitments to sport by focusing attention on our positioning in the world of sport both within and outside the Group.