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For Groupe BPCE, being associated with the 2024 Paris Games goes well beyond a commitment limited to public image and sponsorship activities. It forms an integral part of the Group’s ambition to become the benchmark banking partner of the sports economy.

For our country, the sports economy is a lever of economic growth. The Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games will help develop all the dimensions of the sports industry in France as well as all the business areas involved in this global event.
Our Group is well placed to play an active role in this economic development thanks to the support it already gives to business organizations, local authorities, associations, and federations, the financing it provides for start-ups and dedicated SMEs. It also provides an opportunity to put the expertise of all our brands at the service of entities involved in the Paris 2024 project, contributing to the financing of infrastructure projects and, more generally, to the development of the sports economy as a whole. 

This commitment also, and above all, expresses our determination to be a partner of all the local and regional communities and to contribute to the legacy of the Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

A partner of local communities for investment in sport

Groupe BPCE works alongside local authorities to finance infrastructure projects dedicated to sports activities and sporting events. More than 300 million euros are granted every year to finance sports infrastructure projects, notably by the Caisses d'Epargne, the Banques Populaires and Natixis. 

For example, Groupe BPCE has helped finance major infrastructure projects in France, such as the Maison du Handball flagship facility in Créteil in the southeast suburbs of Paris, and the Paris La Défense Arena. 

Maison du Handball

Sport & Performance Capital, the first fund dedicated to sports start-ups

Sport & Performance Capital, an investment fund set up by the Caisse d'Epargne and Seventure Partners (a subsidiary of Natixis Investment Manager), will be investing 80 million euros in high-potential French regional companies chosen on the basis of their innovative thinking or their specific know-how in the areas of sport or well-being.  
This fund provides a concrete illustration of the commitment made by the Caisses d'Epargne to the sports economy in regional France. It will make it possible to select some fifteen companies in the sports economy with a view to supporting, financing and accompanying their development until 2029.

In February 2020, the first three companies supported by the Sport & Performance Capital fund were announced, each operating in a different high-potential business area: Move'n See (cameraman robots), Skill Corner (collection of sports data) and Hardloop (sports equipment retailer).

For further details about the Sport & Performance Capital fund

Entreprendre 2024, meetings with entrepreneurs throughout France

With the Entreprendre 2024 program, Groupe BPCE is mobilizing its efforts to ensure that the Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games will benefit local businesses… and micro-enterprises in particular. This initiative dovetails perfectly with the approach taken by Paris 2024 and SOLIDEO (Société de Livraison des Ouvrages Olympiques, the public entity responsible for managing structural and development projects for the 2024 Olympics) and their decision to organize Games that are both environmentally friendly and economically & socially responsible, notably by making tender invitations related to the construction projects and organization of Paris 2024 accessible to VSE-SMEs and entities active in the social & solidarity economy (SSE).

Informing regional VSE-SMEs and SSE entities about these opportunities, and facilitating their ability to seize them, is the commitment made by the Banques Populaires and Caisses d'Epargne, which are organizing a tour of France for this very purpose entitled Entreprendre 2024. This initiative is being carried out jointly with the MEDEF employers’ federation, Les Canaux (an entity supporting solidarity-based and innovative economic initiatives), France Active, CNCRESS (National Council of Regional Chambers of the Social Economy), Chambers of Commerce & Industry, ACPME, ADIE, Scop and other regional players...
Concretely, the aim is to enable all these companies to take part in the hundreds of tender invitations due to be issued up until 2024. These invitations to tender concern a large number of business sectors related to the construction of infrastructures and the organization of the games.

These meetings include presentations of the Entreprises 2024 and SSE 2024 online platforms designed to enable companies to submit bids to these tender invitations.
Some twenty dates have been scheduled throughout France with a view to raising the awareness of three to four thousand companies about these new opportunities.

The payment expertise of Groupe BPCE and Visa

Groupe BPCE (the No.1 issuer of Visa cards in continental Europe) and Visa (a member of the International Olympic Committee’s TOP partner program) share a common desire to develop innovative banking and payment experiences for fans of the 2024 Paris Olympic and Paralympic Games and, more broadly, for entities active in the sports economy. 

Natixis Payments, a Group subsidiary, is consequently working with Visa to facilitate payments and transportation for spectators and delegations during the Olympic Games in Paris as well as in the cities hosting different events.

Groupe BPCE's ambition is to become the benchmark banking group for payments in the sports industry and major sporting events with a range of specific offers and services.

 Example of the Open payment solution developed for the public transport sector: example HERE 

Groupe BPCE analyses the sports economy in France

In February 2020, Groupe BPCE published its first study into the sports economy in France, research that has already acquired reference status in its field. With four years to go before the 2024 Paris Games, it was interesting to help more clearly define the economic challenges facing this industry and its different players, associations and private companies. If the sector has undergone a radical transformation over the past decade and continues to boast considerable potential, it has unfortunately been hit particularly hard by the Covid-19 pandemic.

To consult the unabridged BPCE L’Observatoire study devoted to the sports industry, click HERE 

The sports economy: Groupe BPCE teams up with the Choiseul Institute

With the Choiseul Institute, the Group is creating the first-ever club specifically dedicated to the sports economy. 

The Choiseul Institute, a think tank dedicated to analyzing major economic issues and identifying new talent, and the Group have decided to pool their expertise and launch the Choiseul Sport & Business Club to bring together the main economic, institutional, and political decision-makers in the sector around a range of key topics. 

Together, Groupe BPCE and the Choiseul Institute intend to contribute to the development of the sports economy and make it the new showcase for French excellence.
In order to further enhance the value of the sports sector, the Group is also becoming a strategic partner in the Choiseul Sport & Business ranking. This ranking highlights the 100 leaders aged 40 or less who contribute to the structuring of the sports economy in France. This initiative aims to create a space for meeting, sharing experiences, and creating synergies between the young talents in this sector.