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Coaching experiences

Since 2014, we have been asking top coaches and trainers of high-level athletes to share their experience with use, explaining how they support and motivate their athletes. These men and women are experts in their field, technicians, shrewd practical psychologists, strategists, and experts in logistics... who frequently work behind the scenes: on this page, we invite them to tell their own stories.

Meeting with coaches (Episode 2) - Motivating despite uncertainty

August 2020 – Training for top-level athletes has resumed at an intense pace since the end of the lockdown period. And yet, uncertainty persists. For coaches, they have to find the keys to motivation...
The full interview, here

Meeting with coaches (Episode 1) - Overcoming anxiety

August 2020 - Athletes and coaches didn’t experience the lockdown period in the same way. Facing the crisis alone, the coaches tried to convey a positive message to their athletes: make the most of this ‘heaven-sent’ time to achieve their goals in Tokyo next year.
The full interview, here

3×3 basketball – the sporting discipline on the rise...

August 2020 – This is the sporting discipline on the rise in the category of team sports. The French Open – held in Nantes at the end of July 30 – provides us with an opportunity to explain what 3x3 basketball is all about. Further clarification.
Video interview with Karim, here

TRIATHLON – Uncertainty for French triathletes

May 2020 – Like other sports, the discipline has borne the full brunt of the crisis and its aftermath, particularly financial. Stéphanie Deanaz tries to reassure her athletes and to solve the following puzzle: how to imagine the future when everything is shrouded in uncertainty...
To view the video of Stephanie' interview, click here

3x3 BASKETBALL – Karim: always looking on the bright side!

May 2020 – The lockdown measures upset the plans of the French 3x3 basketball team coach Karim Souchu. Although he’s disappointed by the postponements of all the major events, he also sees opportunities: more time to prepare his teams and the possibility of enhanced visibility for 3x3 basketball.
To view the video of Karim's interview, click here

PARA-ROWING – Para-rowing on dry land!

April 2020 – In the midst of the lockdown period, Charles Delval, the coach of the French Para-Rowing Team, tells us how he continues to train and support his athletes, with a new timetable that is disrupting the lives of many of them.
To view the video of Charles' interview, click here

One theme... coaches: a mini-series covering multiple sports

Over the years, our coaches have spoken about fundamental issues, vital to the success of their athletes but also useful to all. Each new episode explores a new theme.
To discover the web series, click here

PARA-ROWING – Adapting for high performance: Charles Delval shares his experience

December 2019 – The French para-rowing team has started its Paralympic season: the beginning of a year that should see French rowers mount the podiums.
To view the video of Charles' interview, click here

SAILING – Aboard the IMOCA-class Banque Populaire X with Clarisse and Armel!

October 2019 – A few days before the start of the Transat Jacques Vabre, the highly experienced Armel Le Cléac'h, winner of the last Vendée Globe, is coaching Clarisse Crémer, a highly motivated young yachtswoman. Two-handed sailing, apprenticeship, and the sharing of knowledge... A transatlantic race for the transmission of skills!
To view the complete interview, click here

TRIATHLON – Surrounding yourself with experts is essential for Stéphanie Deanaz

March 2019 – The coach of the French women's triathlon team is calling on a panel of specialized experts to teach her athletes how to become more attuned to their bodies in order to gain precious hundredths of a second while simultaneously preserving their health.
To view the video of Stéphanie’s interview, click here

TRIATHLON – Stéphanie Deanaz' 5 tips to help develop young talent

January 2019 – High performance calls for sacrifice and huge commitment... It's not a normal life but it's the chance to experience something extraordinary! Of course, this chance comes at a price...
To view the video of Stéphanie’s interview, click here

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Paris 2024, our coaches share their experience! 

The coaches we met spoke enthusiastically about what the Olympic Games mean to them and even more so when the Games are being held in France.