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Surrounding yourself with experts

March 2019 - Stéphanie Deanaz frequently calls on a panel of specialized experts to improve her perception of the training of the French Women's Triathlon Team.

The monitoring of a high-level athlete’s health also involves discussions with experts. But this morning, it's home school! The young women of the French team are welcoming for their weight training session a physiotherapist specializing in GDS muscle chains, a chiropodist and, more surprisingly, a gynecologist. “There's always a way to combine performance with prevention,” explains gynecologist Nathalie Reynaud. “We're going to talk about what is frequently a taboo area. We have to be able to talk about it and it's interesting to take a look at this part of the body.” 
The triathletes then complete a series of breathing exercises to teach them how to take care of a pelvic-perineal area often overlooked by elite athletes. A little later on, the chiropodist and the physiotherapist took advantage of their trip outside their surgeries to talk about the optimum posture to adopt when cycling. It's a way for Stéphanie Deanaz to teach her athletes to become more attuned to their bodies and to gain precious hundredths of a second that can make all the difference in the summer when they’re competing in World Cup events.

Stéphanie Deanaz at a glance

▶︎ Biography

Born May 26, 1975 in St Germain-en-Laye
Member of the French Triathlon Team from 1997 to 2004
World military champion
National coach for the French Triathlon Federation since 2009
Responsible for the Olympic team since London 2012.

▶︎ Coaching achievements

9th in the London Olympics with Jessica Harrison
2015 and 2018 European and World Mixed Relay Champion
U23 World Champion in 2015 with Audrey Merle, 2nd with Léonie Périault
3rd in the 2018 European Championships, and winner of a World Triathlon Series event with Cassandre Beaugrand.

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