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Imagine 2024 for our employees

The partnership with Paris 2024 is a powerful vector of cultural integration for the Group: an ambitious in-house mobilization initiative has been launched under a single banner: IMAGINE 2024.

Cohesion and a sense of pride in belonging

To enable the Group's employees to be actively involved in – and to serve as ambassadors of – these “Games for all,” an ambitious program was launched in January 2019 with a view to achieving several objectives:

  • To encourage our employees to practice sport, 
  • To strengthen cohesion between teams of employees from very different backgrounds, 
  • To launch a dynamic of long-term commitment to the Paris 2024 project. 

This commitment to sport also represents an additional advantage for the Group in terms of its appeal to future candidates.  

A platform for social commitment: Team IMAGINE 2024

Another major aspect of this program is the setting up of a collaborative platform open to all Group employees designed to meet the following main challenges:

  • To focus Group energy by providing an in-house reference area related to our partnership with the Olympic Games Paris 2024 and to host the latest news stories about the sponsorship and patronage activities of our brands,
  • To encourage our fellow employees to take up sporting activities of any kind, and to promote their social commitment in the areas of sustainable development, diversity, and social solidarity,
  • To offer Group subsidiaries additional resources for organizing events and meetings, whether local or international, between or within companies.

For example, employees' personal sports activities and social commitment will enable them to collect points and allocate them to initiatives organized by partner associations or, alternatively, to enjoy special advantages...

For 2021, the Group has allocated a total of 150,000 euros in donations to three solidarity initiatives organized by Surf Insertion, the Abbé Pierre Foundation, and Action contre la Faim (Fight against Hunger). In this way, the Group's employees, via the Team IMAGINE 2024 social commitment platform, will be able to choose which project(s) will be awarded the points they obtained through their sporting and social commitment.

Nearly 1,000 employees in the 1st IMAGINE 2024 Challenge

The first major milestone in this program was the IMAGINE 2024 Challenge staged in September 2019. A total of 43 teams representing different companies, more than 500 competitors, and 450 supporters, i.e. nearly 1,000 Groupe BPCE employees coming from all over France, gathered together in what represents the ‘temple’ of French sport, the premises of the French national institute of sport, expertise and performance (INSEP) for an unprecedented sporting competition. Performance, fair play, conviviality, and pride in belonging were the defining words of this event, which focused the energy of everybody involved for two whole days.