Groupe BPCE
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The Executive Management Committee

The Executive Management Committee is the Group’s executive body.

It is comprised of eleven, four of whom are also members of the Management Board. The Supervisory Board appoints the Chairman of the Management Board, who then provides it with recommendations on the other members to be appointed to the Management Board.


  • Nicolas Namias

    Nicolas Namias

    CEO of BPCE

  • Béatrice Lafaurie

    Head of Human Resources, Member of the Management Board

  • Photo Hélène Madar

    Hélène Madar

    Head of Retail Banking & Insurance (Banque Populaire and Caisse d'Epargne), Member of the Management Board

  • Terpereau-Jerome.png

    Jérôme Terpereau

    Head of Finance, Member of the Management Board

  • BENATAR-Laurent1021.jpg

    Laurent Benatar

    Chief Technology & Operations Officer

  • Jacques Beyssade

    Jacques Beyssade

    Secretary General

  • Corinne Cipière

    Corinne Cipière

    Chief Executive Officer: Insurance

  • Catherine Halberstadt

    Catherine Halberstadt

    Head of Financial Solutions & Expertise

  • Leroy-Franck.png

    Franck Leroy

    Chief Executive Officer: Group Risk Management

  • Photo Stéphanie Paix - © Fabrice Vallon / BPCE

    Stéphanie Paix

    Chief Executive Officer: Global Financial Services

  • Yves Tyrode

    Yves Tyrode

    Chief Executive Officer: Digital & Payments