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The General Management Committee

Nicolas Namias

Chief Executive Officer : Global Financial Services, Member of the Management Board

Nicolas Namias

Nicolas Namias, Chief Executive Officer of Natixis since August 4, 2020, is a member of the Management Board of BPCE and Chairman of Coface.

A former student of France’s elite Ecole Nationale d’Administration, and a graduate of Stanford Graduate School of Business (Executive program), the ESSEC Business School and Institut d’Etudes Politiques de Paris (Sciences Po), Nicolas Namias began his career in 2004 in the Treasury within the French Ministry for the Economy and Finance. He was initially tasked with preparing the G8 and G20 international financial summits, before being appointed as the government’s substitute commissioner to the French financial market regulator AMF. In 2008, he joined Groupe BPCE in the Finance Department and subsequently became the Group’s Director of Planning for Commercial Banking & Insurance. In 2012, he was appointed technical advisor to the French Prime Minister for financing the economy and business organizations, and for international economic affairs.

On rejoining Groupe BPCE in 2014, Nicolas Namias became Head of Strategy for Natixis and a member of its Executive Committee. In this capacity, he notably coordinated all the M&A operations conducted by Natixis since 2014. In September 2017, he was appointed Chief Financial Officer and Director of Strategy of Natixis and a member of its Senior Management Committee.

Nicolas Namias had been a member of the Management Board of BPCE since 2018, in charge of Group Finance and Strategy.