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Inventing new ways to do banking

We are committed to an ongoing drive for greater innovation that permeates all our different brands and all our business activities. Our ambition? To bring new ideas to life and to share them with a view to promoting a simplified, optimized banking experience that offers a wealth of new services.

Boosting innovation through digital services

Acceleration of the pace of change, disintermediation, the nurturing of a community spirit, increasing expectations and demands... To meet the new challenges of customer relations, Groupe BPCE has made innovation central to its corporate strategy. Today, this digital transformation has become a reality not only for our customers (to whom we now offer improved services) but also for our employees, to help them become even more effective.

To do this, we have set up within the Group an agile cross-functional, dedicated organization: 89C3. By developing innovative mobile applications and customized pathways, or by encouraging an expanded use of data, we are exploring every possible way to enhance our ecosystem with new modes of interaction and optimized practices.

Advantages for everyone

This approach simplifies the way our different stakeholders use our services and the pathways provided to them by offering:

  • For our individual customers: greater autonomy for all their day-to-day transactions, digital subscription processes, from initial simulations to ultimate signing, more personalized service and follow-up, and an easier relationship with their account advisors,
  • For our professional customers: new digital services tailored to their needs to finance their ongoing growth,
  • For our employees: additional tools to facilitate the organization of their work, their professional mobility, the way they interact with colleagues, customers and partners, etc.

2019 figures

5.2 million people use our mobile applications


12.2 million credit transfers completed on mobile devices



Reinventing the ways we work together

In Groupe BPCE, we see innovation as a unifying state of mind. This is the underlying principle that inspires all the measures we have taken.

A set of values to be shared

Because a dynamic movement of this kind draws strength from the energy and ideas contributed by everyone, we have launched innovative programs to heighten the awareness of all of our people about these new practices.
This has led us to organize the Make it Simple Trophies to encourage in-house innovation. This program, which involves all our companies, makes it possible to promote projects that have already been realized or are still at the idea stage, with the same objective: “to make things simpler” for the benefit of our customers, coworkers, companies or partners.
B'digit, our mobile learning platform, offers original digital training programs. Thanks to the platform’s short, light-hearted game-based formats, it makes it possible to continuously develop the skills of our employees and partners in pace with digital innovations.

Inspiring collective intelligence

In all our companies, initiatives are organized to encourage the collective development of alternative approaches. In the same way as hackathons, they offer stimulating opportunities to swap ideas and to make the very most of our multidisciplinary structures.

Inventer les nouveaux usages de la banque, Innovation, Groupe BPCE

Coordinating a rich innovation ecosystem

Innovation thrives in an open environment. This is why we support and coordinate a whole network of third-party entities with a view to enriching our approach to interaction.

Partnering startups and FinTechs

Our ambition is to create a favorable environment for FinTechs, an ecosystem conducive to facilitating dialogue between the different players but also an environment in which the FinTechs can grow and prosper. We are a partner of Truffle Capital, which supports the creation and development of young innovative companies, capable of becoming the market leaders of the future.

Example of this partnership: presentation of three highly promising FinTechs – MoneyTrack, Smile & Pay and RollingFunds – supported by the Group since their creation


MoneyTrack is a platform that makes "directed payments" (insurance claims, consumer credit payments, etc. to retailer partners) using blockchain technology. Groupe BPCE has notably helped MoneyTrack to gain a clear understanding of the insurance, credit and payment businesses.
(Video in French only)

Smile & Pay

Smile & Pay offers a mobile electronic payment terminal for small retailers who want to keep pace with their customers' new lifestyles. In particular, Groupe BPCE has enabled Smile & Pay to grow its business significantly.
(Video in French only)


RollingFunds is an innovative technology platform that allows companies to apply for cash credits in a single click of a mouse and enables the financial partners of RollingFunds to grant these loans. Groupe BPCE has notably enabled RollingFunds to benefit from privileged contacts with the bank's experts in this area.
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New possibilities thanks to open innovation

We are resolutely committed to cooperation with the most innovative players. In March 2017, we were the first French banking group to make our public data freely available in line with an openness approach with the Open Data ecosystem.

In 2018, Groupe BPCE became the first banking group to share an open source prediction algorithm and to publish it in Scikit-learn-contrib, the development language reference library. This sharing of data with the entire international developer community can be of help in the future in a host of application areas such as medicine or the manufacturing industry and make it possible to continuously improve the quality of the algorithm.

At the beginning of March 2019, Groupe BPCE opened a portal for banking APIs – 89c3 API – providing access to the regulatory APIs of the Banque Populaire banks, Caisses d'Epargne and Natixis, as well as to other APIs of the Group's different brands (mortgage loan rates, initiation of payment transactions, etc.). Intended for both developers and Payment Service Providers (PSPs), this new portal adopts an open banking approach and forms part of the second regulatory component of the Payment Services Directive (PSD2).
In this way, developers can use a so-called “sandbox” environment to test the main features of the proposed APIs – using fictitious data – before requesting access to the production IS.