Groupe BPCE
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BPCE Factor

50, avenue Pierre Mendès France
75013 Paris

Phone + 33 (0) 1 58 32 80 00

Senior Management

  • Dominique Garnier

    Dominique Garnier


  • Claude Valade

    Claude Valade

    Chief Executive Officer


For more than 35 years, BPCE Factor (which, until April 1, 2019, operated under the name of Natixis Factor), Groupe BPCE's factoring specialist, has been supporting the commercial development of micro-, small- and medium-sized companies in France and overseas.

Thanks to its modular or turnkey solutions (financing, credit insurance, debt reminders, and debt collection), BPCE Factor secures the management of companies’ financial resources by financing their trade receivables.

BPCE Factor focuses chiefly on Groupe BPCE customers and a network of brokers, at every stage in their development. It is currently the only factoring company in France to offer a customer service audited and certified by Bureau Veritas Certification.

2018 figures

> than 2,400 contracts launched


> than 7,400 customers


factoring revenues

> than €58.6bn


+ 14 Net Promoter Score (difference between the number of "promoter" customers and the number of "detractor" customers)