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The strategic plan 2018-2020

The "Together" and "Another way to grow" strategic plans have enabled us to lay the foundation and ensure development of Groupe BPCE. With TEC 2020 (2018-2020), we are focused on digital transformation, commitment to our customers, employees and cooperative shareholders.

TEC 2020

Speeding up our digital transformation 

The pace of our Group’s digital transformation will gather speed under the impetus of the dedicated organization set up at the beginning of 2017.

The aim of this structure is to achieve the best customer satisfaction scores by raising the Group’s digital NPS(1) to the pure player level by 2020.

  • We are going to develop interfaces common to all our brands in order to give our clientele a best-in-class customer experience.
  • We are going to invest massively in harnessing data in order to personalize our offerings and satisfy our customers more fully, to obtain a more precise assessment of certain risks, to enhance our customer relations management systems, and develop artificial intelligence tools.
  • We will also strengthen the agility of our information system by making full use of cloud computing resources.
  • We will continue to optimize our business model with sector-based management, the continued industrialization and automation of our procedures, and the transformation of our processes.
  • We are also going to recruit key talent in IT and digital processes and boost our investments in the digital transformation to €600 million per year by 2020. 
  • 90% of our active customers using the Group’s digital space
  • NPS (1) of our digital services at the pure player level

(1) Net promoter score

Commitments to our customers, our employees, and our cooperative shareholders  

Greater expertise and more solutions for our customers

In Retail Banking, a promise of easy access, delivering advisory services and excellence to everyone, with a 50% increase in the number of specialized advisors, a more extensive offer of solutions in response to new expectations and usages and, lastly, constant attention paid to customer satisfaction.

  • +50% increase in specialized advisors
  • No. 1 for NPS in 2 French regions out of 3

In Asset Management, with customized, innovative solutions and active investment strategies, a dedicated sales force, digital tools and an enhanced presence in the Asia/Pacific region.

In Corporate & Investment Banking, with outstanding expertise in four key areas: Energy and Natural resources, Infrastructure, Aviation, and Real Estate & Hospitality, with a deepening of the relationship forged with our customers.

A strong employer promise

  • By enhancing the employability of our personnel through training and in-house professional mobility, and by equipping them all with digital tools.
  • By developing the Group’s image as an employer in order to attract and retain the best talent, notably in the areas of digital technology and sales.
  • By pursuing our efforts in favor of gender equality in our executive and senior management teams.
  • 10 million hours of training, + 25%
  • 45% of managerial positions held by women
  • 70% of our employees recommending the Group as an employer

A responsible, socially-committed group

  • At the service of the regions and local ecosystems.
  • Responsible in the way it pursues its business activities, committed to green growth and CSR.
  • Accessible to vulnerable individuals.
  • More than €10 billion in outstandings and commitments to finance the energy transition
  • More than €35 billion in responsible savings deposits
  • 10% decline in the Group’s carbon footprint

Growth our ambitions for each of our business lines 

Retail banking

  • For the Banque Populaire banks, we want to develop the Civil Service market, consolidate our position as the leading bank for SMEs and provide support for senior managers.
  • For the Caisses d’Epargne, we intend to remain the reference bank for individual customers, notably high-net-worth individuals, continue to attract new professional and corporate customers, and remain leader in the institutionals market segment.
  • +630,000 principal customers using banking services
  • +70,000 active professional customers
  • +9,500 active corporate and institutional customers
  • Digitize specialized financial services, enhance synergies with the retail banking networks in this area and become a pure player in payments activities (Natixis).
  • 6% net revenues CAGR(1)
  • 50% additional payments revenues

(1) CAGR: Compound annual growth rate

TEC 2020


  • Consolidate our position as a front-ranking insurer in France, notably one of the Top 5 players in the personal insurance segment.
  • Integrate the entire value chain in non-life insurance.
  • Offer a distinctive customer experience and a best-in-class operational performance.
  • +1 million non-life insurance contracts held in portfolio
  • €90 billion of personal insurance outstandings under management(2)

(2) €77 billion excluding the reinsurance agreement with CNP

Asset Management

  • Consolidate our position as the world’s premier active asset manager by virtue of our size, profitability and innovative ability.
  • Develop alternative strategies and solutions, as well as revenue synergies with the Group’s retail banking networks.
  • Strengthen our presence in the Asia-Pacific region.
  • €100 billion in aggregate net fund inflows
  • €1,000 billion of assets under management

Corporate & Investment Banking

  • Win recognition as a bank providing innovative solutions, consolidate our originate-to-distribute business model notably by growing our clientele of insurance companies and investment funds.
  • Become the "go-to bank" in four key sectors: Energy & Natural resources, Infrastructure, Aviation, Real Estate and Hospitality.
  • 3% net revenues CAGR(1)
  • Proportion of total revenues in the Americas and Asia/Pacific regions greater than 40%

(1) CAGR: Compound annual growth rate

Revenue Synergies

Generate €750 million of new synergies within three years between Natixis and the retail
banking networks thanks, in particular, to financial savings, insurance, and to the expansion of Group entities using specialized financial services.

Financial Targets

  • Net banking income greater than €25 billion in 2020 with annual average growth in the region of 2% in Retail Banking, 6% in Asset Management, and 3% in Corporate & Investment Banking, and cost/income ratios in these business lines of approximately 64%, 68% and 60% respectively.
  • A cost of risk of 20 to 30 basis points.
  • Cost synergies equal to €1 billion in a full year in 2020.
  • With regard to the Group’s financial strength, a CET1 ratio greater or equal to 15.5% at end-2020 and a TLAC(1) greater than 21.5% (2) as of January 1, 2019.

(1) Total loss-absorbing capacity
(2) Excluding senior preferred debt